A dramatic situation unfolded during a church sermon that was being live-streamed in Pennsylvania yesterday when a man came from the back of the church and attempted to shoot the pastor. The gun jammed!

The pastor says it was a miracle that he was not killed.

It's a stunning story of a pastor giving a sermon in front of the congregation when you can see a gunman approach and aim his gun at Pastor Glenn Germany. The pastor says the gunman, 26-year-old Bernard Junior Polite, smiled at him before raising the gun and pulling the trigger.

As this plays out, the pastor takes cover under a podium, while a member of the congregation, Deacon Clarence McCallister who also runs the camera for the live stream, runs and tackles Polite. After the deacon jumps on Polite, Pastor Germany comes forward to help subdue the attacker.

Clarence McCallister Tackles Bernard Polite
ABC Photo

Pastor Germany says it's a true act of God that the man's gun jammed, and he says the deacon who jumped on the man is the real hero in all of this. He says,

He could have lost his life in that struggle, but he sacrificed himself for everyone, and he's the hero.

Germany says he had never seen the suspect before. He saw the man that day for the first time. He kept coming in and out of the church before moving from the back of the church to the front of the church and aimed at Germany.

While in custody, WTAE reports the criminal record shows,

Polite confessed to police that he tried to shoot Germany because, 'God told him to do it', and that he wanted to go to jail to clear his mind.

Pastor Germany Standing over Polite
ABC Photo

As police were continuing to investigate they found the body of 56-year-old Derek Polite in Bernard Polite's home. While police say the two are related they have not said what their relationship is.

While Polite has not been charged after the body was found in his home, he has been charged with attempted homicide.

This video includes the stunning incident:

Here is the report about Derek Bernard's body being found in the home.

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