After a district judge granted a temporary restraining order that would prevent the release of police bodycam footage from the fatal officer-involved shooting of Trayford Pellerin, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory says he's committed to keeping a promise made to the family.

Pellerin was struck at least 10 times by Lafayette Police before he collapsed and died at the doorstep of a Circle K convenience store off of the Evangeline Thruway on Aug. 21. Over the next two weeks, the city of Lafayette saw protests, civil unrest, and sharp criticism of the Mayor-President for his handling of the incident. After finally meeting with the family on Sept. 4, Guillory himself noted where he could have done a better job.[0]=AZVXft7pycDJBBnnENkcDBleWeulw709EBQmALCZbJLH_mTQTb7N8r17l2fW4In3Zf-aP96xssKESFshdaPiw3Z0cAvWietpgQHQ22FRuJvcV1Ut-NMZIgaOno1ht_seudc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

According to Guillory's office, during the meeting, the Mayor-President made a commitment to allow Pellerin's family members to have a private viewing of bodycam footage of the incidents leading up to his death. On Tuesday morning, Mayor-President Guillory says he delivered a message to D.A. Keith Stutes' office to inform him of these intentions but later that afternoon a district judge signed off on a restraining order that would prohibit the video's release.

The restraining order was filed by attorneys representing individual officers involved in the fatal shooting of Trayford Pellerin. Legal representation for the Pellerin family responded to the restraining order saying they were "profoundly disappointed."

It leaves us no choice but to wonder what they are hiding. Video footage does not change. It will be the same today, tomorrow, and 10 years from now.

You can read their full press release in response to the restraining order below.[0]=AZWNp_byh3BhBeU3kXLIcdN87b50PDwTMVjCJZLD9RtnDmbXbdOYS9dKGZ0JG2u9DPTWs-DY81-svGCJeELY3jCO-gqjN3GYbkif5L7AlGB4qOnnz0g_Rde_1eL-nu3KXyE&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Once news of the restraining order went public, the Lafayette Mayor-President doubled down on his promise to the Pellerin family and remains committed to honoring his word. Guillory says he has directed City-Parish attorneys to "advocate for the accommodation of a private viewing for the family of the footage at a hearing scheduled on September 15, 2020."

You can read the full details surrounding the restraining order filed by the three lawyers representing the unidentified Lafayette police officers here.

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