Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory spoke out about the mounting medical bills for injured Lafayette police officer Brian Rozas saying "As far as out of pocket? Hell no. Hell hath no fury..."

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Lafayette PD

Lafayette Police Officer Hit and Dragged by Vehicle in Downtown Area

While working off-duty detail, Rozas was in a situation where a suspect attempted to flee officers during a traffic stop.

When the suspect, now identified as 24-year-old Jaylin Chavis of Lake Charles, put his car into reverse to flee, he ran over Rozas, dragging him for approximately 100 feet before the car finally came to a stop.

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The Police Association of Lafayette quickly organized a fundraiser via GoFundMe for officer Rozas to help his family and help defray medical bills and other expenses.

From GoFundMe -

"Officer Rozas and many officers work off-duty security to supplement their income. The purpose of the fundraising we have initiated, including the GoFundMe, is to ensure that as Officer Rozas recovers and heals, those same funds he would have made are available to him and his young daughter. Again, a huge thank you to our Lafayette community, Mayor-President Guillory, and his administration, for the support and prayers for our brother. As always, it is our honor to protect and serve you."

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Submitted Photo

This morning in a show of support, the Walton & Johnson show spoke at length about officer Rozas and urged listeners to donate via the GoFundMe page.

At one point in the show, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory called into the show "clarify a few things".

Guillory first thanked the show for the coverage and support of officer Roza, and for helping to push for donations through the GoFundMe page set up by The Police Association of Lafayette.

Then, Guillory cut to the chase about Rozas' family having to pay the mounting medical bills.

"The City has the Police Department's back. It's always been my intention, and it will always be my intention that these families do not come out of pocket. As far as out-of-pocket? Hell no. Hell hath no fury...we will kick some doors in and burn some buildings down before I let one of these officers or their family go without."

Josh Guillory
KPEL Photo

Guillory says the GoFundMe account is a great thing and that he and his wife Jamie have donated to the account. Obviously, the Rosaz family need help with more than medical bills right now.

You can hear the full call-in below.

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