The parents of Trayford Pellerin have filed a wrongful death suit against Lafayette Consolidated Government. The suit stems from the fatal shooting of Pellerin by Lafayette Police in late August of this year.

The lawsuit, according to a report by KLFY Television is seeking "compensatory damages, special damages, punitive damages, reasonable attorney fees, and such other relief as may appear just and appropriate".

Pellerin was shot 10 times by officers from the LPD as he attempted to walk away from the officers outside a gas station on the Evangeline Thruway. The lawsuit filed by Cedrick and Michelle Pellerin individually on behalf of the deceased seeks to hold the defendants in the case, Lafayette Consolidated Government, for the murder of their son. The lawsuit seeks damages for pain, emotional distress, and financial loss suffered by the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit, according to KLFY claims that Lafayette Police, based on statistics published by LPD, showed 1,172 use of force reports submitted by the department. These statistics were compiled between the years 2010 and 2019. During that same period of time, the published statistics indicated that 107 civil lawsuits were filed against Lafayette Police.

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