An off-duty deputy comforted a young boy who was separated from his family while in a park in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Alex Andrus shared this photo on social media that shows the deputy, Captain Fisher with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office, with the young boy while he was looking for his parents.

The young boy lost sight of his parents while in the park and he was very upset and scared.

Captain Fisher, who was in the park celebrating his daughter's birthday, immediately noticed what was going on and went over to the kid and told him that he was a member of law enforcement and that he was there to help him find his parents.

According to the social media post by Andrus, Captain Fisher took the young boy by his hand and they went through the park until they found his parents.

I applaud Captain Fisher for not only noticing that this young kid needed help but also stopping everything that he was doing in the park to make sure that this terrified kid was reunited with his parents.

Look, it is easy for kids to go on their way while in a park so remember to always keep an eye on your kids while they are running and having fun..

A good practice is to put your contact number in your child's pocket or pin it to them when you're out in parks or large crowds if they do get separated from you.

Again, we're just glad this kid was reunited with his family and that there was someone there to comfort this little boy during what had to be a very traumatic moment for him.

Job well-done, Captain Fisher.


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