With the recent death of "Guitar God" Eddie Van Halen, more and more stories are coming to light about his life and the band. This story is about one of the concert-goers who felt strongly enough about the show to send a note to the newspaper to warn other parents.

The parent had taken a daughter and the daughter's friend to the show and was appalled by what she saw, heard, and even smelled.

"They were smoking pot in front, beside, and behind us... and offered it to me." Parent, after Van Halen concert 

It appears that David Lee Roth's bottomless pants were not a hit with the parent as evidenced by the letter; I'm guessing he/she found them too "cheeky".

If that parent is still around, I am hoping that they don't take any of their grandchildren to a concert anytime soon unless they carry on their person a medical alert device. I can hear the conversation with the medical device customer service person: "Medical Device Monitoring Company, my name is Karen, what is your emergency?"  "Help, I'm at a 'Lil Wayne (or Post Malone or Juice WRLD) concert and I can't even."

The times, they are a-changing'.


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