We thought 2020 was bad, as it turns out, 2021 hasn't been too great a year for Louisiana either. COVID-19 cases are at an all-time high, record rainfall, a major category 4 hurricane, in the next few days we'll be under a heat advisory and starting now until mid-September...it's Lovebug season. Isn't that exciting?!

For those of you who live in Louisiana, you know we have two Lovebug seasons annually, about two weeks in May and two in September.

Lovebugs Attack a Florida Man's Car (Note Language)

Love Bugs, they're actually a fly, not a bug, inundate our state, starting now thru the middle of September. People with white vehicles, get ready. Not sure if they like the color white or if they just show up better on a white surface.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

For those of you who don't live here or just moved here and haven't experienced your first Lovebug season, they fly around by the millions, connected. You know what they're doing, right? "Love" bug! And they will literally splatter the front of your car solid, whether you drive during the day or at night. Oh, and if you leave them on your car to back in the south Louisiana heat, they'll ruin your paint job in two to three days.

Lovebug by George Strait

So get ready Louisiana, they aren't as destructive as a hurricane or a pandemic, but Lovebug season in this neck of the woods is certainly not a pleasant two to three weeks.

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