Lovebugs have taken over Acadiana in a way that most people have never seen. Is there anything you can do to at least keep lovebugs away from your house, yard, or business?

Mating Lovebugs on Green Leaf
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Why Are Love Bugs So Bad Right Now?

For the past couple of months, Acadiana has become pretty soggy. The amount of rain we've had has made our already humid and moist environment a lovebug paradise.

Lovebugs eat things like dead grass, dead leaves, and other partly decayed vegetation.

All of the rain has begun to cause issues with plant roots, causing wilting and decay, and this is an all-you-eat buffet for lovebugs.

If you have some wet leaf piles and piles of dead grass around your house, it would be a good idea to get those picked up.

There is another trick you can try to get those lovebugs away from your property.

How To Get Rid Of Lovebugs
YouTube Via The Surratt's Life Hacks and Adventures!

How to Get Rid of Lovebugs

Obviously, we haven't been able to cut our grass as often as we'd like with all of the rain recently, but keeping your grass short and cut will help keep lovebugs away.

Lovebugs lay eggs in tall grass so if you can, cut that!

If your yard or property is still just too soggy to cut, there's another trick that could help greatly reduce the number of lovebugs around your house.

Stephanie White Nelson Via Facebook

"If y'all have lovebugs swarming the doors to your house try this. I just did it and it works! Put water in a bright white bowl. Add a couple spoonfuls of baby oil and sit it outside. Check this out! This was how many bugs died in about 30 min."

If her lovebug hack works as well as the picture shows, this could be exactly what you're looking for.

We found a similar technique on the YouTube channel The Surratt's Life Hacks and Adventures!


Have you tried anything like this or have a technique that you think works better?

Let us know!

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