Like everything else these days, the cost of windshield washer fluid at your local auto store is rising. And many don't really work all that well during Louisiana's hot summers, mild winters and the dreadful lovebug season. has one of the simplest, safest and most inexpensive hot-weather DIY windshield washer fluid recipes that you can make yourself.

Many DIY windshield washer fluid recipes involve adding vinegar, alcohol or ammonia to the solution to keep the fluid in your car's reservoir from freezing. We're not going to suggest you use either in our hot-weather Louisiana DIY windshield washer fluid recipe. Because of our warm temperatures, those liquids tend to smell awful in hot environments, making your car smell very unpleasant every time you use your windshield wipers.

Another antifreeze component in store-bought windshield wiper fluid is methanol. According to, a very small amount can be very poisonous. Store-bought brands of windshield wiper fluid can contain up to 50% methanol.

Here's a DIY windshield washer fluid recipe that is safe and will keep your windshield clean so that you can drive safely.

You'll need the following:

  • Distilled water (Tap water will work but distilled water won't clog your cars spray mechanism)
  • Large jug
  • Window cleaner

Add the distilled water and 8 oz of your favorite window cleaner into the jug. The ratio should be 3/4 water to 1/4 window cleaner. A streak-free window cleaner works best. (If you find your windshield is not getting as clean as you'd like, add more cleaner)

Mix well and pour into your car's windshield wiper reservoir.

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