The weather in Louisiana will start to heat up in a few months and you know what that means—mosquitos. This year's mosquito population may be brutal due to a not-so-harsh winter.

Aside from a few days of fridged temperatures, South Louisiana has not experienced severely low temperatures this winter. That coupled with the cutbacks in mosquito spraying means the mosquito season this spring and summer may be one of the most intense ever.

There are literally hundreds of mosquito repellants online and at your local home improvement store. Everything from mosquito-repelling light bulbs to a sound-emitting speaker that humans can't hear (so how do you even know it's working properly)? You don't.

All those gadgets, some very costly, are fine and dandy but here in the Bayou State, folks have a homemade contraption that many believe will drive away mosquitos better than anything you can buy online or at your nearest home improvement store.

Simply drop a few pennies in a plastic storage bag, fill it with water and hang it in the area you don't want mosquitoes to be in. Use more than one if the space is large.

This homemade Louisiana mosquito repellant also works on flies as well.

The premise behind the pennies and water in a clear plastic bag is that the shiny pennies in the water confuse the eyesight of mosquitos and flies and they leave the area.

When the weather gets warmer, give this mosquito/fly eyesight-confusing contraption a shot. It certainly won't cost you a dime!

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