One group in Vermilion Parish is aiming to bring the French language back into everyday life. The organization called Les Amis du Francais en Vermilion, has set out to revive the French language in our community. The group's main goal is to take the language out of the local museums and immersion schools and incorporate it into our everyday lives. 

In a story by KATC’s Abby Breidenbach, Layla Melancon, director for the organization said, “Vermilion Parish is in the top 3 parishes in the state of Louisiana for the highest number of French speakers and for me that just identifies a need to preserve that heritage and that culture that is so strong here in the parish.” 

The group wants young people to be proud of their French heritage and are making strides to undo the suppression that the French culture has experienced. Everyone should be proud to showcase their heritage and culture and that is just what this group hopes to do with the French language. 

Denny Culbert
Denny Culbert

“I was brought up to be ashamed. I was told not to speak French publicly. It was part of me, yet made to feel ashamed. Such a critical part of your makeup as a human being- your native language,” says Warren Perrin, a supporter of Les Amis and Chairman of the Board of the Acadiana Museum.

Les Amis du Francais en Vermilion is currently open for membership for those that share the same values as the group. There is an annual $10 membership fee that will go toward funding the group's mission. For more information on becoming a member, email Layla Melancon at

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