Trends come and go. Some are good and some not so good. Well, the latest home trend is a little disturbing to me. The “open-concept bathroom” trend has grown over the past several years and it leaves me scratching my head. WHY? A bathroom WITHOUT a door should never exist but it does in many houses today.

The toilet and shower are simply out in the open for everyone to see. You have ZERO privacy.

There is a house that just hit the market in the Boston area that has one of these open-concept bathrooms and it. It literally looks like an open living area but it has a toilet and a shower in it. It was designed with the only privacy being a rectangle frosted glass to separate the toilet area.

According to Boston Magazine, the open-concept bathroom first became popular two decades ago in luxe hotels and resorts. In 2019, Elle Décor listed it among the “top bathroom trends to keep on your radar.”

Not only is privacy an issue but, you would need to always keep it clean and free of clutter with no door to shut.

Would you do it?

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