Toilets and bathrooms can be really disgusting.

If you're the one who often finds yourself cleaning the bathroom, you already know that the challenge can be gross and smelly.

Well, I recently came across a bathroom hack that many moms are now using when it comes to cleaning the toilet.

If you have kids or a husband, you are probably aware of the fact that when they go to the bathroom, they can often miss the target (the toilet).

Urine stains and smells can often be very difficult to get rid of, and that is why some who clean bathrooms are resorting to shaving cream.


Yes, the same cream you may use to shave your legs or face is being used by many as a cleaning supply in the bathroom.

Moms all over social media say that by using shaving cream, they were able to eliminate urine stains and the smell of urine from their bathroom.

Cleaning a toilet can be difficult, but with the use of shaving cream, many say that once complete the appearance is like new and urine odors are eliminated.


So, if you have the unfortunate duty of cleaning the bathroom in your home, consider using shaving cream. And if you do, please come back to this story and let us know if it works.

Shaving cream can have a great scent, and it cleans up rather easily. Plus, what isn't wiped up completely will likely just evaporate in due time,

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use shaving cream when it comes to cleaning the toilet in your home.

We hope this helps.


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