Like so many of you, I too cannot stand the smell of some public restrooms.

Well, there's a new hack circulating on social media and it all centers around improving the smell in restrooms.

If you've ever walked into a public restroom while traveling you know the smell that I am talking about, and you'd honestly rather not even talk about it.

However, that smell may soon be eliminated if those cleaning the restrooms do what so many are apparently doing in their homes.

The latest bathroom/restroom hack involves garlic and those who have done this swear by it.


Apparently, if you peel one clove, and then drop it in the bowl the garlic soaking in the toilet bowl will help eliminate the bathroom odors we cannot stand.

Sure, garlic may not be the best scent in the world, but if it helps eliminate those nasty bathroom/restroom odors, I am willing to try this and sacrifice the smell of garlic.

One other thing that you can do with garlic in the restroom is crush it and make garlic tea. That supposedly helps eliminate the yellow stains you may see in the toilet.

Of course, some on social media ask why to use garlic when you can use any cleaning supplies, and that is a valid point.

However, if you are out of cleaning supplies and you need to eliminate the smells in the bathroom before the company shows up, garlic is reportedly the perfect alternative.

So, give it a try and come back here to let us know if this really worked for you.


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