It should go without saying that our country has been through tragedy like no other as of late. With the  tragedy in California and now in Orlando, the Oklahoma City Police Department took the time to offer tips on what we should do if we ever find ourselves in the midst of an active shooter.


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    'In the unfortunate event that an active shooter enters an area where you are, run. Get out as fast as you can. Help others escape, if possible. Once you are out, don't forget to call 9-1-1 immediately.'

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    'If you cannot escape, then hide. Know the layout of your building and where the exits are located. If possible, do not remain in hallways or common areas. Find a room where you can lock and barricade the door. Silence your cell phone and remain as quiet as possible. Render aid to those who are injured, if you can.'

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    'If you cannot escape and there is no place to hide, then you are left with only one option and that is to fight. Arm yourself with anything that can be used as a weapon. If you have people with you, then everyone should attack the shooter. Disarm him and take whatever measures are necessary to survive.'

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