With the latest surge of covid-19 hitting our state and country many Lafayette hospitals are seeing an increase in covid-19 patients and people seeking medical assistance due to having covid like symptoms.

Yesterday, the Ochsner Lafayette General Medical System asked the public to not come to the emergency room if they are asymptomatic.

“Our urgent cares and our emergency rooms are experiencing a high level of volume over the last several days and into this week,” Ochsner Lafayette General CEO Al Patin said.

“Please do not come to our emergency room if you are asymptomatic,” Patin said. “You will wait an extremely long amount of time.”

If you are in need of a covid test please go to an outpatient facility or your primary care doctor. Ochsner officials are asking people to do this to help prevent overcrowding in the hospitals and emergency rooms.

Ochsner Lafayette General Medical system is reporting 22 covid-19 patients in the hospital, five are in ICU and two of those patients are on ventilators.

If you find yourself or a family member needing to receive care at Ochsner Lafayette General here are the covid-19 protocols that you must follow:

All patients, employees, and guests are required to wear masks.
Children under two years of age are excluded from masking requirements.
Children visitors must be accompanied by an adult and remain in the patient’s room.
Visitors are to maintain social distancing at all times, including in waiting rooms, cafeterias, and other shared areas.
Ochsner Lafayette General restricts visitation due to COVID surge

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