Two workers were injured after a reported equipment failure at the Ochsner Lafayette General construction site.

According to our media partners at KATC, both construction workers had to be rescued by firefighters on Monday afternoon after the scaffolding holding the workers apparently failed while they were installing windows.

Alton Trahan with the Lafayette Fire Department told KATC that the workers were left hanging by their safety harnesses and had to be rescued with a high-angle boom lift.

Luckily, firefighters from St. George who were in town for Alex Bourque's funeral procession were nearby and able to help with the rescue.

Trahan says one worker was treated at the scene while the other worker had to be "hospitalized with major injuries."

Ochsner released the following statement:

There was an accident today at an Ochsner LGMC construction site. Two construction workers were injured and are receiving medical treatment. Out of respect for the patients and their families, we have no further information to share.

As of now, the scene is currently clear.

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