NFL Flm’s Hard Knocks has been a popular series since its creation in 2001 where a film crew follows a team throughout minicamp and the pre-season, but the show is struggling to find a team right now. The show has reportedly reached out to several teams who have all denied them access. The Saints have never been featured on Hard Knocks but they might not have a choice this season.

Hard Knocks has reportedly reached out to the Lions for a second consecutive season but early reports suggest that the Lions might not want that distraction this year. If the Lions deny the crew access, NFL Films has the right to force either the Saints, Jets, Commanders, or Bears to do the show. All four of these teams have already denied the crew access but they might not have a choice.

Many teams and players have spoken out against the idea of being featured on Hard Knocks as they claim it is just an unnecessary distraction. Fans on the other hand are usually against the idea because of the “curse”. Similar to the Madden “curse”, most of the teams featured on Hard Knocks did not go on to make the playoffs that season. Here are fans’ initial reactions to NFL Films having to force a team in Hard Knocks.

The Saints have never been featured on the show and I don’t think this is the year they want that to change. The Saints are coming off a season where they underperformed in terms of expectations. Dennis Allen had a tough first year as the team's head coach and really needs to turn things around this season to avoid going on the hot seat. The Saints have a lot of new faces including newly signed Derek Carr. With all of the storylines and new faces, the Saints are a prime location for Hard Knocks but many believe there is too much on the line to have any added distractions. Coach Dennis Allen spoke on the idea of the team being forced to do the show.

Saints fans took to Twitter on this topic and the reactions are mixed.

Hard Knocks has never been put in a position to force a team to participate in the show, so this is new territory for everyone. Are you against the idea of NFL Films forcing the Saints to do the show?

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