A new trend in a very exclusive spa is using large snakes to give amazing body massages.

Snakes for a full body massage?  What?  Come on, it's the new thing.  These reptiles have been monitored by humans since coming out of the egg and to date, no accidents have occurred.

The procedure involves manipulating these large snakes along areas of the body that would normally be touched by human hands during a massage.  The way snakes move emulates the feeling of human touch, only better.  That process coupled with the adrenaline released during this experience allows for the ultimate spa massage.  The adrenaline is release due to the nervousness of having  a snake almost twice as long as you, on your naked skin.

Therapist Rainer Kwasi lives together with eleven boa snakes in a house in Uckermark, Brandenburg and uses proprietary theories to help his clients receive the ultimate massage.

Using Snakes For The Ultimate Massage

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