Twitter, @FOXLA
Twitter, @FOXLA

According to Fox 11, Crocs has teamed up Beams to bring you these limited edition beauts that come in green and purple and will run you about $53.

Yes, they think people will pay $53 for Crocs with built-in fanny packs. Why? I have no idea.

I'm not trying to completely trash Crocs here, because I 100% believe there is a time and place for some hole-y, slip on rubber shoes, but I'm pretty positive that that time and place doesn't call for mini-fanny packs.

What can you even keep in those tiny foot wallets, anyway? Some cash? Your phone? Chapstick? You don't need any of those things in Croc appropriate situations. And even if you were to wear your fanny pack Crocs to somewhere like the mall you are not going to take your shoe off just to get your money. The entire mini fanny pack Croc concept just doesn't make sense!

Would you rock a pair on mini fanny pack Crocs?

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