Do you recognize this truck?

The New Iberia Police Department needs your help in locating the person driving this dark-colored Dodge Ram in the video below.

The driver of the truck hit a car parked along the side of the road, pushing into a nearby residence, but it did not stop there.

The truck then went through a yard, destroying much of the landscaping in the yard, and finally came to rest. However, the driver of the Dodge Ram truck left the scene before police arrived.

Now, police in New Iberia would like your help in locating the white male that was seen driving this truck at the time of the accident.

If you have any information on this wild incident, call Iberia Crime Stoppers at 337-364-TIPS.[0]=AZXqCIA61IqfRexyHnTA8BDhRqTeqBhIeMe0dLWMC8v6uHbqXC6qF_8ljKSLPxNZ1ANBLfw7I7fdnFv8kN0YEqC_Cmc9pX2AhAWHcxeHbirRY887PcBhKL8gjlVdi36O52baODvOBLWfaS-jPZ48HDXm&__tn__=%2CO-R

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