Repairs of one of the biggest eyesores in Lafayette will be on the table at tonight's city council meeting.

The Ambassador Caffery sound wall was installed nearly two decades ago, not only as a wall to block out traffic noise from a major thoroughfare that had recently expanded but also from a safety standpoint for traffic and pedestrians who would be using the newly-installed sidewalks.

Like all things, the wall has seen some wear and tear over time.

What was once a shiny new wall for Lafayette has become one of its most visible eyesores. Tonight, the Lafayette City Council will have a final vote on the funding needed to repair the Ambassador Caffery sound wall.

Beyond the obvious areas that have become dilapidated, some structural parts of the barrier have also become a safety concern for nearby residents as well as the tens of thousands of motorists who drive along the wall during their daily commutes.

Lafayette City Councilwoman (District 3) and newly-elected chair Liz Webb Hebert introduced the request in 2020 after inheriting this particular stretch of Ambassador Caffery when the Lafayette city districts were rezoned.

This is a new part of my council district for this term and while canvassing in 2019 the residents shared their concerns and frustrations with the sound wall, not just the aesthetics but it is now becoming a safety issue with parts of the wall breaking down. I am thrilled to have partnered with Public Works to identify funding solutions for this project. This is a much-needed improvement not just for the residents but for the community.

If it passes, this could be the latest Lafayette "eyesore" to get attention, as we've seen recent development at Four Corners (University & Cameron Street) begin to take shape as well as progress with the old federal courthouse in downtown Lafayette.

Another perk if the council votes in favor: at minimum, a new, more aesthetically-pleasing color (aka not prison grey) for the bland barrier.

Check out what else is on deck for tonight's council meeting here and we'll be sure to update you once the voting is complete.

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