I can’t imagine everything that is going through this poor woman’s mind. Linda Dominick is grieving for her daughter that was killed in last week’s tornado and planning her funeral, she is praying for her injured son to live, and she is coming to the realization that she lost everything she had when a tornado ripped through Church Point on May 17.

According to KATC, Dominick was released from the hospital Monday and she is overwhelmed with a roller coaster of emotions. Upon leaving the hospital and starting over, she found out that the community and family had been collecting donations for her.

When Dominick regained consciousness in the hospital, she was confused and had so many questions. She hadn’t realized her 27-year-old daughter, Latreka Dominick, had been killed. She said that finding out the reality and being told that her daughter didn’t make it left a big hole in her heart. She said they called her Treka and Treka had developmental disabilities. She described Treka as always making friends and said she never met a stranger.

This poor mother is mourning her daughter and praying for her eldest child, Dalfred Dominick to make it. He is in ICU and she says he is in pain. That has to be so incredibly difficult for this mother to handle, as she is in physical pain herself. Linda expressed her appreciation for the community,

"I just want to thank the people of Acadiana for stepping up to help me because I didn't know what, where, how, or why"

The family has created a GoFundMe account to help raise funds and it was done with permission from Linda Dominick. On the GoFundMe page, it is heartbreaking to read that Linda was placed on a ventilator and Dalfred had to undergo surgery. They have no home to go to, They have no clothes to put on their backs. They have no Latreka to run into their arms. They then ask to please give what you can, as even the smallest donation would help.

Linda Dominick thanked those who have reached out saying, "I just want to thank you guys again. Everybody, coming together to help me, a little nobody that loves everybody."

If you would like to make a donation to the Dominick family, you can do so by using the family’s GoFundMe account.



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