Recreating old photos are very in right now and I personally love to see how creative people get when they do this. 

A mother and son decided to recreate a photo from 1971 that was taken on the opening day of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park. Susan Gaul Kroll and her son Bill were one of the first people to attend Magic Kingdom on its opening day on October 1, 1971. The two decided to go back to Magic Kingdom to celebrate Disney’s 50th anniversary and to recreate the special moment. 

The original photograph was taken in front of Cinderella Castle’s and that is exactly where to two stood again 50 years later to recreate the moment, this time however Bill held a framed photo of their first trip to the castle. 

The Kroll family is no stranger to Disney magic! When Bill was growing up the family had season passes to the parks, and Susan still tries to attend at least once or twice a week. Bill even worked as a seasonal employee and his mom was able to perform during the EPCOT Candlelight Processional.


What an amazing way to celebrate Disney's 50th anniversary. I sure hope that these two had a wonderful day and created plenty of new memories.

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