A fire broke out at EPCOT earlier in the week.

It seems that the fire broke out in World Showcase at EPCOT after a performance of “Harmonious.”

It was reported that guests could see the smoke and flames from a pretty good distance.

The fire was located in the America Gardens section of the American Pavillion in the World Showcase. The fire caused enough damage that crews were on site the next morning to make repairs.

There really isn’t much information about this fire but from the video that was captured, you can see that the fire looked to be pretty serious.

This is not the first issue that EPCOT has recently experienced. A few weeks ago there was a broken pipe that sent water spraying on the Imagination! Pavilion and guests had a front-row seat to the chaos.

Thankfully, no one was injured during the fire and the damage was fixed quickly the next morning.

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