Louisiana is such a unique place because of our culture and food, but did you know that the most expensive restaurant in the United States has 124 locations here?

People in Louisiana love to eat and that's because we have some great restaurants here and people here know how to cook so well.

However, sometimes you have to resort to a quick meal and that's when the fast food line becomes much more attractive.

If you have kids, you know that the day can be very demanding and at times you don't have time to cook, thus you find yourself in the fast food line for lunch or dinner.

Well, according to Mashed the most expensive fast food restaurant in the U.S. is WENDY'S. Yes, known for their squared meat patties and delicious chocolate frosty, Wendy's "Has historically topped the list of pricey fast food. In 1971, the average burger would cost diners around $0.30. However, Wendy's was charging nearly twice that at $0.55."

Wendy's Sells Major Stake In Arby's To Private Equity Group
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 "Wendy's topped the list of fast food chains that would break the bank in 2022. With the restaurant's Baconator burger combo costing more than $12 and a chicken nugget lunch setting you back more than $11, food fans might think twice before swinging through their local Wendy's."

Despite being the most expensive restaurant in the country, Wendy's locations are thriving in Louisiana because according to their website, there are 124 locations here. If people in Louisiana didn't love this brand, I highly doubt that there would be that many restaurants in our state.

Other restaurants that made the list of being the most expensive included Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread, Five Guys, and Chipotle.

Wendy's Reports Slide In Earnings
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