Does the state of Louisiana owe you money? Well, here's how to find out if the state owes you.

Look, we all work hard for our money and as you're aware, taxes are taken out of your income so when it comes to getting the most out of your money, you deserve it.

According to WBRZ, "Louisiana Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program has added $7.9 million in uncashed state income tax refunds from the Louisiana Department of Revenue."

That means the state of Louisiana is holding onto money that belongs to citizens in the state and they want belongs to them to claim it.


All that you have to do to see if the state owes you money, which you have not claimed yet, is visit and you may be entitled to the money you worked for.

State Treasurer John M. Schroder says that you can also you the LaWallet app on your smartphone to see if you have unclaimed property awaiting you..

For those who may prefer to not use a website to research state refunds that may be owed to them, anyone can call 888-925-4127 to inquire about funds or property that they may be entitled to.

I do encourage you to share this on your social media pages so that your friends and family are aware of what the State of Louisiana is offering for those here.


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