Couples can find many topics to disagree on, maybe that's why 1 in 10 couples argue about this before sleep.  Maintaining a healthy, happy relationship takes work, yes even in the bedroom.

A poll found that more than one in 10 couples argues over who gets which side of the bed! Eighty percent of adults say they’ve slept on the same side of the bed since their relationships began, while 22% say they slept on a different side with their ex.  Half of people say they don’t sleep as well when they’re not on their normal side, while 15% switch sides every now and then just for variety.

Now when it comes down to which side the participants favored, it seems the split is pretty even- 51% of people favor the left compared with 49% who like the right.

So why does sides matter?  Many people like to sleep on the side closest to the door.  Others liked sleeping nearest a heat or cooling source.  Five percent choose their side because it gives them a better view of the TV.

Note to men, women usually win the battle of the sides.  Twenty percent of men in the survey hate the side of the bed they sleep on.

[Via:  Mail Online]

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