This isn't good.

A disturbing video surfaced on social media that shows a Miami Police Officer punching a woman as she approached him.

The confrontation happened in an airport and now the officer is claiming "self-defence," but his superiors aren't buying it. The officer who punched the woman has been relieved of his duties.

TMZ reports that the woman was late to board her plane and when she found out that she would have to wait an extra day to fly out to her destination she began to threaten an employee at the airport.

Police were reportedly called-in to address the issue and that is when this happened. The officer who hit the woman said that he felt threatened as the woman invaded his personal space.

As you may expect, this officer's superiors and even the Mayor of Miami was disappointed in the video below and they say that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

I want to warn you, some may find the video of the officer striking the woman in the airport to be disturbing.

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