Dan Janssen, 38, has stuck to his pizza-only diet for 25 years now, eating pizza for every meal every day. When he tells people this he usually gets one of two reactions, "They either want to kill me, or they think I'm a hero,'' he told TODAY.com.

Janssen doesn't usually eat anything in the morning, he just has a cup of coffee but he downs a whole pizza for lunch and for dinner everyday.

Janssen was originally raised on a meat and potatoes diet when he was younger but he later became a vegetarian, there was only one problem with this decision, "I hate vegetables,'' he told TODAY.com. "I tried for maybe a couple weeks, and then I realized the thing I really like is pizza.” So he decided to stick to just the things he likes.

This type of diet can be extremely dangerous, causing several heath issues. Janssen admits that this isn't the ideal diet but he stays on top of his health and gets checked out by doctors regularly.

Now I am a huge fan of pizza and eat it whenever I can but I can’t imagine eating it everyday for every meal.

Would you be able to eat pizza for every meal for 25 years? I don’t think I could.

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