The media came under fire today for reporting news, and now there is a public outcry to boycott all news outlets that don't share stories that reinforce their beliefs.

After most major media outlets reported what happened today, many people whose deeply-held beliefs were threatened by the story vowed to never listen to the news again.

Ban the news media for 30 days and 80% of our problems will disappear - Keyboard Warrior, Social Media


We contacted someone who regularly practices turning off the media from time-to-time, Ollie the Ostrich, and he said, "It's nice while my head is actually in the sand. No one is disagreeing with me, I don't have to listen to facts that make me question my beliefs, and whenever I say something, I hear it back, over and over again, like an echo. It's like everyone who has their head in the sand agrees with themselves. It's quite nice, actually, to not have a differing opinion for a little while. I don't have to think for myself while I am down there."

Sounds like Utopia, right?

For an opposing view, we found a convert who decided to listen to what the "other side" had to say. To maintain his anonymity, he asked us to call him "Mikey".

So, after some pressure from my friends and family members, I decided to try it. - "Mikey"


"Mikey" used to be a tough cookie. When he had his mind set on something, there was very little chance it could be changed. He rarely gave into reason but, one day, he had enough.

Here's the story: friends and family members weren't sure about something, but before they tried it, they wanted to use "Mikey" as a guinea pig. After a lot of pressure, "Mikey" finally broke - and he tried it. And, he liked it. He really liked it! His friends and family, after seeing "Mikey" actually liking it, decided to try it for themselves. Their exact words were, "He likes it! Hey, Mikey!"

"Mikey" is now the local hero, using reason to weigh both sides of the issue and come to a conclusion.

We have video from the interaction, but it comes with a warning: some sensitive viewers might find this difficult to watch:

Be like "Mikey".

By the way,  journalists are not the Enemies of the State; blind loyalty is. Do the world favor and question everything.

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