Just as the Summer beach season begins wrapping up along the Gulf Coast, one beachgoer out in Destin, Florida recently captured a massive water spout moving across the emerald waters. Lightening illuminated the dark and cloudy skies as those who witnessed the moment were wowed.

Twitter via @spann
Twitter via @spann

Many folks from around Acadiana have made their summer beach trips to the Gulf Coast, but for anyone looking to squeeze in one more beach trip this year, you will need to be mindful of the recent weather that has cranked up near Destin.

One beachgoer recently captured a huge waterspout moving across the water just off of the beach as lightning and thunder accompanied the twister of the deep.


Spiderwebs of lightning shot down while the video was being taken. You can hear the person in the video saying, "Heading East. 30A, here it comes".

Massive Waterspout with Insane Lightening Strikes Captured off of the Beach in Destin

See the video shared to Twitter below by @spann on Twitter via @boo_freeman from Instagram.

Having recently gone to Destin, this video makes me realize how lucky I got with the weather. I didn't see anything more than a couple of rain showers but clearly, those offshore storms are cranking up as we head into hurricane sesason.

See more shots of the spot from Get The Coast on Facebook below.

Reactions to the clip below.

If you are trying to get one last beach trip in this summer, just keep in mind that these types of storms can pop up out of nowhere at any time.

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