This is so sad to watch. A guy gets down on one knee at a minor league baseball game in Massachusetts to ask his girl to marry him and she runs off leaving him on the field alone in front of thousands of people. The very sad video has now gone viral.

It happened at a Worcester Red Sox game Thursday evening. The unidentified couple is standing near the dugout. The man is obviously excited and nervous, pulls out the ring and pops the question. The crowd goes wild, and in a flash, the moment does a complete one-eighty.

wtwmass, Twitter
wtwmass, Twitter

The woman's reaction shocks the crowd, but can you imagine how the guy felt? The woman shakes her head no as if to say why are you doing this? She's heard saying, "I have to go." Then she runs away.

The sad scene was also shown on the stadium's big screen. Poor guy.

A closer view of the marriage proposal that went terribly wrong.

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