Professional sports is a billion-dollar industry.

The NFL has evolved from the origins of soccer and rugby, with players sporting leather helmets.

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When Walter Camp established the rules of American football in 1880, he couldn't have imagined that 140 years later the average value of an NFL franchise would be $4.14 billion.

Sportico released its list of the most valuable franchises in American sports.

Five of the top ten come from the NFL.

Most Valuable Franchises in American Sports

Five of the ten most valuable franchises in American sports come from the NFL.

Here is how each league stacks up in the value rankings.

The Pelicans are the least valuable team in the NBA at a very valuable $1.51 billion dollars.

In the NFL, the New Orleans Saints rank 25th at $3.26 billion.

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10 Highest Paid NFL Coaches in 2022

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