"Everything is bigger in Texas"

A phrase that has been uttered by many over the years.

In the state of Texas, they pride themselves on doing things big.

The Dallas Cowboys, also known as "America's Team", haven't lived up to the "Everything is bigger in Texas" moniker in the last 20 years.

With only 3 playoff wins in the last quarter of a century, they've constantly let their passionate fanbase down since their glory days of the early '70s and early '90s.

When it comes to the Cowboys, everything they do is a headline, including what they serve at games.

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Typical concession stands food consists of nachos, hot dogs, burgers, beverage, etc.

I like when a team taps into their geography and serves some kind of local cuisine as well.

This year, the Dallas Cowboys will be serving a hamburger on gamedays that may cause a spike in type 2 diabetes among the fanbase.

Okay. I'll be honest. That actually looks pretty good, but as a type 1 diabetic myself, my mind is telling me to avoid it the same way the Cowboys have avoided meaningful success in the 21st century.

But hey, everything is bigger in Texas.

Social media reacted to the burger the way you would expect.

There's no word yet on how much it'll cost, outside of a plethora of calories.

While the burger stands out, there have been many other pro teams that have taken the idea of over-the-top concession stand items a lot further.

For example:

Joey Chestnut may not struggle that eat that burger by himself, but any other American would.

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