Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the most recognizable owner in American sports.

Over the years, he's mastered the art of promotion.

Despite the fact the Cowboys have only won 3 postseason games in the 21st century, they still rank as the most valuable sports franchise in the world according to Forbes at a whopping $8 billion.

As the franchise's popularity has grown, Jones has always been front and center, grabbing the spotlight at every turn.

Jerry Jones
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Not every headline of Jones has been glowing.

Earlier this year, Jones was sued by a woman claiming to be his love child with a woman he Jones had an affair with in the '90s.

The Cowboys were also guilty of a voyeurism scandal in which they paid a confidential settlement of $2.4 million after four members of their iconic cheerleading squad accused a senior team executive of voyeurism in their locker room as they undressed, according to ESPN.

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(For a lengthier rundown of all the troubling things Jones has done or said, click here).

Despite negative headlines, they never have generated the kind of backlash facing current Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder.

Roger Goodell & Jerry Jones
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Jones has been a large part of the NFL's ginormous financial growth over the last 30 years, making him valuable to all who have enjoyed the fruits of it.

Perhaps the latest troubling headline will come and go as many in the past surrounding Jones has.

Today, Jones has been accused of committing sexual assault in front of many witnesses, including his wife and a number of Dallas Cowboys players.

The accuser is reportedly seeking a trial, according to legal expert Amy Dash.

In the lawsuit, Jane Doe accused Jones of forcibly kissing her on the mouth without her consent on or about September 16, 2018 in the Tom Landry Room at AT&T Stadium. She also accused Jones of sticking his tongue in her mouth, and forcibly grabbing and groping her. In court papers, Doe says the room was full of witnesses when the alleged assault happened, and that she believes the people in the room allegedly included former Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, running back Ezekiel Elliott, Tyrone Crawford, Tyron Smith and other prominent Cowboys players.


In an alleged list of “witnesses,”Doe also named Cowboys’ defensive end Demarcus Lawrence, and Eugenia Jones, Jerry Jones’ wife.

Exclusive Details: Jane Doe Accuses Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Of Sexually Assaulting Her In Front of Cowboys Players, Pushes For A Trial - by Amy Dash

Jones' attorneys have called the accusations false.

In addition to suing Jones and the Cowboys, the accuser is also suing the NFL, according to Dash, claiming both are criminally complicit and tampered with evidence.

Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for $150 million.

He has been married to his wife, Eugenia Jones, since 1963.

Jerry Jones and his wife
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Jones turned 80 last Thursday. His Cowboys lost last night to the Philadelphia Eagles 26-14.

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