Fans of the Dallas Cowboys are a special breed. They truly love their NFL franchise with a white-hot loyalty that, to be honest, prevents them from being functioning members of the "world of reasonable people".  There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that Cowboys fans don't see their awkward fandom the way the fans of all the other NFL teams see their fandom.

As you might imagine fans of the proud franchise have had a tough couple of days. The team, Dallas, went into Sunday's NFL Super Wild Card Weekend with visions of Super Bowl rings and the Lombardi Trophy. They came away with yet another defeat that one person described as "the most Cowboys way ever to lose a game"

A lot of Cowboys fans have been focusing on what you've just seen in the video. The final few seconds of the game in which Dallas is driving. Quarterback Dak Prescott runs a draw and wants to get back to the line of scrimmage to spike the ball and stop the clock.

According to Cowboys fans, it would have worked if it hadn't been for those meddling kids, er I mean NFL referees and their need to "spot the ball ready for play". I think Cowboys fans were about ready to accept their fate until this video from the Packers/49ers game from earlier this season made its way back to social media.

What Cowboys fans want to know is how was the official so ready to "spot the ball ready for play" in that game and not so ready in the Cowboys/49ers game?


Okay, now that you've stewed over the Tweets I can tell you what the difference is.

In the 49ers/Packers game the receiver handed the ball to the referee. In the Dallas/49ers game, Dak Prescott handed the ball to his Center. Oops! The Center then prepared to snap the ball and the referee had to run in and "spot the ball ready for play". That extra exchange is all the 49ers needed for the clock to hit 00:00.

Game over.

Oh, and don't you think the Packers players actually looked as if they knew what their assignments were? They were all downfield fast and ready to play. The Cowboys? Well, you need to hush and you're not getting Sean Payton. 

And just to prove to you that there is empathy for Cowboys fans around the world. We offer this.

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