In 1985, Maria Placer, Dick Faurot and Jim Olivier on the set of KLFY were like the MVPs of Lafayette television. And during a hurricane? Was anyone watching anything else? Not likely.

The dynamic trio was covering an approaching hurricane, Hurricane Elena. Elena affected the eastern and central portions of the U.S. in late August and early September 1985. The storm made landfall near Biloxi, Mississippi on September 2, 1985, as a Category 3 hurricane.

The technology was incredibly primitive.

20th Century Vision
20th Century Vision

Placer is getting up to the minute vital information...on the phone! Yes, it was attached to a wire coming out of the wall.

Faurot's weather maps look like something you'd find on the wall of a mummy's tomb and the shot of the eyewall is a black and white photo from the Space Shuttle with the caption "NASA Tape".

And of course, Jim sat there, handsome as ever, with the greatest hair ever seen on Lafayette television.

Toni Davey..."wow!!!  Dick, Jim, and Maria!   ha!"

Marla Gaspard..."JIm always had such pretty hair."

T-Bone Hubbard..."I miss the good ol' days of KLFY TV 10 back when it was still in its prime."

Whitney Joe..."From Lafayette, grew up in NY, matured in KY. Good memories."

Maria Placer Retires After 42 Years of Television

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