The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office recently took time to give out awards to the first responders who saved the life of a referee who collapsed on a basketball court towards the end of a game according to KLFY.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office deputies Ashleigh and Chad Wilson were recognized with awards after they, along with two other law enforcement officials, jumped in to save the life of referee Kevin Domingue by performing CPR on the man, saving his life.

Two off-duty police officers with the New Iberia Police Department, Sergeants Daesha Hughes and Craig Lewis also jumped in to help with CPR.

ORIGINAL: (01/24/24)

A typical high school basketball game ended up being anything but typical after a referee had a medical emergency according to KLFY.

The scene that began to unfold last Friday night must have sent shockwaves to the parents and children watching the game.

Sergeant Daesha Hughes with the New Iberia Police Department happened to be at the game that night as her child plays for Loreauville so Hughes was a spectator that night.  West St. Mary High School was playing a basketball game when all of a sudden, one of the referees collapsed.

At that moment, St. Mary Parish Sheriff's K9 Sergeant Ashleigh Wilson and her husband, Chad Wilson, who is a lieutenant with the same department both jumped into action. They were assisted by trainer Wydrick Harding.

What unfolded was the three working to see if the man had any vital signs. When they determined he didn't have a pulse, they started CPR. Hughes also jumped into the situation to offer help as well.

They worked on the man until the Baldwin Fire Department arrived to take over chest compressions. Once on the scene, Baldwin firefighters used an AED on the man.

Acadian Ambulance then arrived on the scene and took the referee to an area hospital. Fellow referee, Sergeant Craig Lewis with the New Iberia Police Department, joined Lewis for the ambulance ride.  His family came to the hospital.

The best part of this story? The man lived!

It's nice to be able to report on a situation that has such a happy ending.

A huge "Thank You" to the Wilsons, Harding, Hughes, and Lewis of the New Iberia Police Department for jumping in to save this man's life.

Thank God for first responders!

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