Louisiana's own Ali Landry was once transported via Air Med and now we know what happened.

Those who are often transported via Air Med are in distress or very ill, very the former Miss USA Queen, Ali Landry, was neither when she boarded Acadian's Air Med.

Landry who is known for coming back home on occasion once came home during the holidays and it was then when she boarded the helicopter, which is often designated for transporting patients.

According to a recent social media post by Acadian Air Med, Ali Landry was once transported across Lafayette as she was taking part in "Christmas festivities."

Alli Landry Facebook
Alli Landry Facebook

We don't know what type of festivities Landry was taking place in at the time, but perhaps she was airlifted to avoid traffic as many attempted to get to Acadian Village. That's only a guess, but a good one.

When I read the post by Acadian Air Med, I immediately thought of Ric Flair, yes the professional wrestler. I recall seeing a video of Flair, who lived the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, arriving at a match once via a news helicopter.

If you never saw his arrival, check this out.

Now, let's get back to the time Ali Landry traveled across Lafayette during the holidays on Air Med.

Here's the social media post that caught my attention, and as you'll see here, Ali hasn't changed very much from the 90s.

She is now married and the mother of three precious kids.

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