The children of a local woman who was murdered by her estranged husband last year were recently awarded millions of dollars from the man's estate after a court hearing in the 15th judicial district court according to KLFY.

Drake and Malorie Vincent are the children of 51-year-old Katherine Mashburn who was shot to death by 53-year-old Eric Babineaux in April 2023. The man then killed himself.

The siblings say the killing turned their mother into a victim of domestic violence, and they decided to sue Babineaux's estate as it was the only way to get justice for her.

The court sided with them in the case, and the decision was for the family to receive an award of $216 million. Representing the Vincents is attorney Andrew Quackenbos.

Drake, Mallorie and Katherine Mashburn
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In the ten months since losing their mother in this horrific way, they have learned how strong their mother really was, and that she is truly a hero.

Drake says he would trade all that money to have his mother back. Babineaux took away a life that was so precious to them. He says,

Imagine going your whole life with somebody with you and then to be ripped away. There's a big emptiness.

Quackenbos says,

The only justice that was remaining because the criminal justice system wasn't available in light of the fact that the gentleman who perpetrated this crime took his own life.

Quckenbos says the other reason to file this civil lawsuit was to hopefully send a message about domestic violence.

For those wanting information on help with domestic violence or just someone to speak to you can call this number, 1-888-411-1333. This line is available 24/7, and it's a confidential conversation.

If you would like to call locally the number is 337-232-8954.

If you would like to look online at resources locally, you can click here to find out more about Faith House.

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