On December 14, United Airlines flight 591 from Orlando, Florida bound for Los Angeles, California had to be diverted to New Orleans, Louisiana because of a passenger complaining of COVID-symptoms. Isaias Hernandez, 69, had stopped breathing in flight and was taken to a New Orleans hospital where he died of respiratory failure due to COVID-19. The flight was allowed to continue on to Los Angeles.

Several passengers were seen giving CPR to Hernandez before the plane could land for emergency help. One of the passengers to administer CPR was Tony Aldapa. Aldapa administered CPR for at least 40 minutes.

According to KABC-Radio in Los Angeles, Aldapa did not perform mouth to mouth CPR on Hernandez.

The CPR did not include mouth-to-mouth. For part of the flight, Hernandez had an oxygen mask and then they switched to an Ambu-bag.-Aldapa tells KABC-Radio

Tony Aldapa, a medical technician in Los Angeles, worked and worked to keep the man alive. He was drenched in sweat when the plane landed in New Orleans.

He praised United Airline's handling of the situation and regrets he didn't help the ill passenger sooner. Aldapa is now quarantined in Los Angeles showing symptoms of COVID-19.

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