Police were called to question a man who was seen painting over the rainbow colors on the "LAFA-ETTE" sign at Parc Sans Souci.


The sign, just behind the splash pad at the park, was intentionally erected without the "Y", so that visitors could take pictures of themselves posing as the "Y", standing there looking like they were dancing to the "YMCA".

A motorist noticed the man, identified as Ted A. Richard, painting over the ROY G BIV colors of the Gay Pride flag that had adorned the "LAFA-ETTE" sign.  The sign had been painted with the Gay Pride colors for the candlelight vigil held for the victims of the terrorist attack in Orlando.  The citizen asked Richard what he was doing and if he worked for the city, and when Richard responded with "Getting ready to paint it red, white and blue" and "No, I don't work for the city", the citizen informed Richard that the police were on the way.

The police showed up within a minute, and Richard "wasn't even mad"!  The police were called before Richard had a chance to explain himself.  You see, Richard was the one who designed the sign for the candlelight vigil!

Lafayette sign
Facebook/Robyn Wimberley Blackwell

Once the police got there, everything was straightened out.  Richard found out that the citizens who called in the "report" were making certain that the sign wasn't being defaced; Richard explained the situation to the police, and then all was good.

Richard explained it further in a Facebook post:

Here's why I'm not mad. It actually made me feel good that these people actually took pride in that sign, and they actually cared if anyone was damaging or defacing property. So much so, that they got law enforcement involved.
Unfortunately , I did not know that they were angry until it was too late. I would have loved to tell them that I had actually designed the Rainbow LAFA-ETTE sign too. And would have liked to tell them that covering the sign was bittersweet, and that it was an emotional experience for me too. But I never got the chance.
That's why I want everyone to PLEASE SHARE this post.
I would like to know who these people are and say THANK YOU !!! Ted A. Richard, Facebook

So, if it if was you who punched 911 to report Richard, he'd like to meet you and give you a big "thanks!".

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