South Louisiana Giving Day, or SOLA Giving Day as it is known was a huge success for a variety of groups throughout Acadiana. Tens of thousands of dollars were raised for a multitude of groups that were part of the Community Foundation of Acadiana event.

SOLA Giving Day was hugely successful for the fundraising efforts of Downtown Lafayette Unlimited in their initiative to raise money for an all-inclusive park in Parc Sans Souci.

Officials with Downtown say that a matching donation of $35,000 from the Pinhook Foundation was "unlocked" and donated to the project after residents donated more than $35,000 to the project.

Splashpad at Parc Sans Souci
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It's all part of a bigger park project for the area according to Downtown CEO Anita Begnaud.

This park will be able to accommodate moms and dads on the equipment along with rubberized surfaces which will be utilized by anyone with a wheelchair or walker making it easier for them to use the park as well.

The Downtown website says the following,

The DDA and DLU are planning and fundraising for a playground in the area between the stage and the splash pad. We are working through spatial planning, safety measures, material considerations, maintenance planning, and flexibility for future playground expansion.

The new park will offer visitors to the Downtown area yet another opportunity to spend some time with their families in an area that will be free to the public.

This also adds another destination point in the Downtown area for anyone looking for family-friendly activities in the city of Lafayette.

Begnaud tells us,

We are planning to go under construction later this summer with the goal to be complete by the end of the year.

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