If we just take a few moments, we can all think of more than one neighborhood or area in and around Lafayette (and Acadiana) that has become a sort of 'ghost town' in need of some TLC. We would probably end up thinking of some of the same places.

Shamayim Harris is doing more than just thinking about such a place; she's actively working to improve it herself, while also inspiring others to make her vision a reality.

Harris, also known as 'Mama Shoe,' lives in Highland Park, Michigan, and has raised money and secured volunteers to restore and revitalize her neighborhood.

Harris is doing all of this in memory of her son, 2 year - old Jakobi, who was killed by a hit and run driver, and to help her community.

Watch the video for more about Mama Shoe, and let us know areas around Lafayette that could use some help, too.