One chore most people don't look forward to doing is making their bed.

Often the sheets don't fit perfectly and you can never get the bed to look perfect, as hard as you may try.

Have you ever gone into a hotel room and wished you could have your bed at home resemble the one in the hotel? I have and there's a new hack that some are doing to have their bed look perfect.

As hard as you may try, it's nearly impossible to get every wrinkle out of the sheets, until now.

I recently came across an article that suggested you do something with your sheets after putting them in your dryer.


The secret is to not fully dry the sheets that you're about to put on the bed. Now, I am not saying to put wet sheets across the mattress, but if you put slightly damp sheets across the bed, you will ultimately get a nice wrinkle-free bed, much like what you may see in a hotel.

Once the damp sheets are on the bed, you will want to wait 15 - 20 minutes until you put pillows and the comforter on the bed. This allows the sheets that you just put on the bed to dry.

Once they are dried, the sheets will not appear to be wrinkled and you will have your bed looking like the bed you may see or sleep in while at a four-star hotel.

So, give this a try, but remember to NOT put wet sheets on the bed, just slightly damp ones to achieve the perfect look on your bed.


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