Molten lava cakes are a very popular dessert in restaurants all across America.  There are recipes galore on the internet, Paula Dean even has a recipe for molten lava cake.  What if you could have Molten Lava Cake at your house tonight with no mixing, baking or mess?

One of, if not my favorite dessert, is Molten Lava Cake.  Many restaurants offer this delight as a dessert, although the name varies from restaurant to restaurant.  And it can cost you anywhere between $6.00 and $15.00.

Molten Lava Cake is usually a warm chocolaty bundt type cake sometimes with chocolate chips on the bottom, topped with vanilla ice cream.  Most restaurants serve the cake part warm.

Now, you can have this delicious dessert at your own home anytime you want it and at a fraction of the cost as in resturants and without all the mess.  And you'll never know it wasn't prepared at your favorite restaurant.

The secret is one stop into Walmart.  Go to the bakery department and find their Chocolate Bundt Cakes display.  Pickup as many as you'd like.  This is gonna be good, so you may need a few.

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Now make your way to the frozen foods section.  Look for your favorite vanilla ice cream.  I prefer Blue Bell.  A pint will make about 3 servings.

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When you get home, put the Walmart Chocolate Bundt Cake on microwave safe plate.  Heat for 10 to 15 seconds.  Remove from microwave and top with a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream.  Thats it, you're done.  You can add strawberries and powdered sugar if you'd like but totally not necessary.  I do want you to know that the inside won't be as runny as in restaurants.  This creation is more cake than molten.  But you'll still love it.

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I served my version of Molten Chocolate Lave Cake a few times for family night at my home and everyone loves it.  Your family will also!