The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge effect on many local businesses, in particular, restaurants. Luckily, restaurants can be open under certain guidelines. One of the safety guidelines limits the restaurants to only 50% capacity. Many are afraid to get out of their houses with the rise in cases, so they just cook dinner instead. There is also the fact that many family incomes have been affected, whether they lost their job, furloughed, or salary has been cut. The loss of income has had a huge impact on restaurants as well.

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says locally-owned restaurants are getting hit the hardest right now.

According to BRProud, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, in a virtual interview on Tuesday, made it a point to address that topic. He expressed his concern that many restaurants will not be able to stay afloat through this pandemic. Nungesser also stated that restaurant closings could have a harmful impact on the Louisiana Travel Industry since we rely heavily on our Cajun cuisine. That being said, restaurant closures in Louisiana will hurt tourism in the long run.

Nungesser emphasized how important it is for our communities to get out and support the industry as much as possible. He even suggested choosing “staycations” instead of vacations to help support local businesses.

I am concerned a lot of people are not going to make it through these tough times.  – Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser


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