There is a big debate that is continuing to be divisive across the internet. We are also wondering what you think about this issue.

It all centers around one of the policies for parents and their children at Toccoa Riverside Restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia. It's a restaurant along the river with scenic views of the mountains.

The restaurant is getting support from some and anger from others on social media as they have a policy where if your children are not well-behaved they will apply a $50 surcharge to your bill.

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This happened recently to a group of five families who went to dine at the restaurant with 11 children between the ages of 3 and 8. Florida mother Lyndsey Landmann of Florida was one of the parents interviewed by WFLA about this situation.

She says she couldn't believe they were actually given this surcharge on their bill. People are calling it the "Bad Parenting Surcharge"

The menu clearly shows that the surcharge can be added to a bill, and the owner comes over to their table at the end of the meal. He pointed to the surcharge, and said they were being charged because the children were "too loud".

Landmann told WFLA that she thought the owner was coming over to their table to tell them how well-behaved her children were, but she says that's not what happened. She told WFLA,

When Landmann said the kids were quiet the whole time he got in her face and told her they 'belonged in "Burger King and not at his restaurant'".

According to USA Today, here is what is actually written on the menu:

"Adult surcharge: For adults unable to parent $$$.

Naturally, we would love to know what you think of this idea. Is this right? Is this wrong? Please be sure to give us a comment.

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