What really happened at LSU?

Christmas is just weeks away and everyone is trying to get into the holiday spirit and that includes putting up the Christmas tree and lighting it up.

Like many in their own homes and like other businesses across Louisiana, LSU decided to light up the tree on campus and it left me asking, "Is that it?"

Look, we have seen so many beautiful Christmas trees on social media this holiday season, so our expectations are high. However, I often give some the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the lights and decor of their tree.

I am not giving LSU, a major university in the country, a pardon here.


LSU is the home to thousands of students and it's also a destination for many during the holiday season.

Those who once attended LSU often return during the holidays and many who can't go home for Christmas count on the university to make it "feel like home" while away for the holidays. What I am saying is that LSU should be filled with joy and lights for Christmas.

Now, let's get to the lighting of the Christmas tree at LSU this holiday season.

The university posted a video of the lighting of the massive tree and it even came with a countdown by those in attendance. The anticipation was high as the countdown approached the numbers three, two, and one.

Well, as soon as the tree was lit, you didn't hear much cheering. Perhaps that was because there weren't many lights on the tree and the star on top of the tree seemed to be nestled in the tree, rather than sitting on top of the large tree.

Again, maybe my expectations are set too high, but I expected more from LSU. How many strings of lights did they use here/ Two or three?

Here's what the Christmas tree at LSU looks like, and sure, it is better than nothing.

Let's take a look at what a more exciting lighting of the tree looks like.


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